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Get Ready, It's Coming

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

I was thinking the other day. Reminiscing really, about the beginning of the pandemic. I was thinking about the time when we were still calling the virus the Novelle Corona. It was so new we didn't really know what is was and all we called it was that new virus. We watched as it was spreading across China, then watched it creep its way across the European continent. Italy was especially getting hammered and we wondered if we would be be spared. One day late last winter the news reported that we would not be spared. Cases began popping up here in the United States. One, then another and soon it was everywhere. Eventually, and to no one's surprise, the word pandemic was tied to the outbreak and we were suddenly thrust into a situation that none of us were prepared for. People began panic buying and trying to prepare themselves for wherever may have been coming their way. Almost immediately, there was no toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, antibacterial wipes, regular wipes or pretty much any paper products available. Then beef became scarce, canned goods were soon being limited in quantity and all the while things were getting scarce, there was still a pandemic racing across the globe threatening the health and welfare of each of us.

Last Sunday I went to church and then headed to Aldi to pick up a couple things we were running short of. We needed a bit of milk for the kids, some eggs and a loaf of white bread. I just really don't like wheat or multigrain. The grocery was covered up with masses of people. Turns out the winter weather advisory was now a winter storm warning and the entire county was determined that they would see the doom of the snowageddon with plenty of supplies to make all the French Toast they could muster. (I've never figured out why bad weather heightens our need for eggs, milk and toast). People were shopping in droves. It was as busy as any holiday shopping experience the holidays offered up. People feared getting snowed in and running out of food. No one wanted to get caught being unprepared for whatever may have been heading our way. We are determined to not get caught unprepared.

I couldn't help but wonder. Whether it was the threat of becoming sick from Covid-19 or being snowed in, we will be prepared or at least we will do everything in our power to make sure that we are ready for what's coming. We try to keep plenty of food on hand, we want to make sure that we can warm, have a place to lay our heads and can keep something in our bellies. We dig shelters, hoard food, stash weapons and try to make sure that we not only are safe but that we can keep those that we love safe. We won't be caught by any storm, earthquake, economic collapse. We are ready!

But are we? Are we really ready? For everything? For what matters? It struck me as I was wading through the masses of people Sunday. People trying to get prepared for their, post snowstorm lives. I couldn't help but wonder, of all these people who are so determined to get ready, how many of them had considered their ultimate readiness. Being ready to make French Toast after a snowstorm or being able to eat off paper plates, wipe our hands with paper towels and do what we do with TP during the pandemic makes us ready for the moment, but what about ready for eternity? It means nothing to prepare for snow and pandemics if we aren't ready to face eternity. The scurry for eggs and milk pale to the need for us to be ready to stand before God and face judgement. Whatever we face here, comes and goes. We panic when snow is forecast but don't give a moments thought to the certainty of eternity. We are determined to not be beaten by Covid-19 but don't think about what happens if the virus wins it's battle with us? Being ready to live simply is not as important as being ready to die. Forget the question of if you to ready to live. What about this, what about, if by illness or accident, you stand face to face with the creator. See, the scripture is clear. We all sin and fall short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23), but it also says if we believe, by faith, in Jesus, we can be saved (Rom. 10:9).

Look, I'm glad to have had plenty of bread, milk and eggs in the face of roughly a foot of snow, but I'm ever more glad to know that my faith in Jesus has me in a position to know that my eternity is assured. I'm not just in a position to have plenty of eggs and milk and my truth is more that just having plenty of food and hand sanitizer. I'm so blessed to know that by calling on the name of Jesus, by faith believing he is who says he is and in receiving his gift of sacrifice for my sins, I know that I am looking at eternity in the presence of God.

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