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Finally, We are Going to Church Again

It is about to happen. We are so very close to returning. Tomorrow, June 3, 2020 we will kick of the new normal in our Wednesday night midweek service. Here is what you need to know moving forward:

We will be observing all social distancing guidelines. Keep space (6ft min.) between you and anyone else in the room (unless you road to church or live with them). Wear a mask when we are in a place where we might be milling around, passing in hallways or generally having no choice in distancing.

On Sunday know this: We will meet at 10:30. There will be no Sunday School for the immediate future. There will be no Children's Church. We will try to accommodate the children with some sort of message or lesson for the kids. Observe all social distancing rules. We will not be able to sit directly behind someone that you don't live. I don't like the optics of roping off parts of the sanctuary, but will if we can't use our heads in the area of social distancing. We will for the time being, meet on Sunday mornings and Wednesday night. When time passes and it seems safe we will begin to ramp up our schedules, worship and meetings. We've come too far to be reckless now. Lastly, and this might be the hardest part of whole "re-gathering". Please, NO HUGGING AND NO HANDSHAKES. If you can't help yourself, elbow bump or "air hug". All breaking of these protocols will end in some sort of public harassment from the platform. If I am caught breaking any of the rules you may appoint someone to give me a hard time from the platform as well. 😜 I cannot wait to see everyone. Some, I will see you tomorrow. Others I will see Sunday morning. For anyone who thinks it too soon, I will see you when you are comfortable to get out. But remember, everyone remember, we can't hide ourselves from this bug forever! See you soon. Pastor Doug

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